Market Interconnect




Wholesale energy markets are complex. Your business depends on effective and focused interaction with RTOs. That interaction may include stakeholder meeting coverage, analysis of data, insight on factors that affect price formation/ congestion, or information on physical RTO market operations. We can also help with pretty much any RTO related projects you have. Too often you simply don’t have the resources or time to get everything done you need to. That’s where we come in. You can rely on MICS resources and staff to focus on what your business needs.
At MICS, we don't compete with you! we simply focus on helping you enhance your bottom line. Unlike some of our competitors, MICS has no affiliates that are also participating as a load/ generator/ or any kind of market participant. 

Our consulting services include:


Introduction to and competitive intelligence on US wholesale electricity markets, RTO market intelligence/ insight, RTO Customer registration, RTO related business startup and strategy, FTRs and Virtual business startup and strategy, Wholesale and Retail Electric Contract review, Load Forecasting Software validation, Expert Testimony for FERC, State, and civil courts; RTO training beginning to advanced levels.

Our Company Principles:

Focused Insight

We don’t burden you with massive amounts of information and data having nothing to do with your needs- instead we apply our industry specific knowledge/ experience/ connections/ and insight to provide you a focused interconnection to the RTOs you interact with. What format that interconnection takes, and how deep it is, depends entirely on you! We cater to your needs and we meet you where you want to go.

Substance over Formality

We don’t spend our time filling the room with a lot of hot air, or trying to run up billable hours. We don’t pretend to be the smartest person in the room. We rely instead on direct / straight forward interaction with people, and our 15+ years of experience with wholesale and retail electricity, within balancing authority operations, within FTR and virtual markets, within RTO market operations, as an agent for robust wholesale electric markets.

Open and Direct Communication

And if we don’t know an answer to your question immediately we will tell you that we don’t and will get back to you within YOUR timeline.

General Liaison or Designated Agent

We work with RTO staff, other stakeholders, and others on your behalf – either explicitly (as your designated agent) or implicitly (as a pro market participant focused on transparency and fueling a robust wholesale market)


Above all, we exhibit integrity in all that we do. We are direct, honest, and we believe in transparent fair opportunities to all market participants. Free and open access to a robust wholesale energy market is the least cost way to achieve the maximum benefit to all wholesale market participants, and to society as a whole.

We Provide...

We provide a variety of targeted RTO markets intelligence services including but not limited to :


Interpretation of RTO Market Trends

(Eastern/ Western Interconnections as well as ERCOT)


Input on FERC

 Input on FERC related issues

All Operational Aspects

All operational aspects resource interaction with DA and RT markets.


Load Forecasting

Load forecasting validation services


Control Area/ Balancing Authority

Control Area/ Balancing Authority revenue maximization.



Outlook on congestion and volatility of pricing.




Review and Analysis

Review and analysis of RTO Tariffs/ Business Practices/ Operating Procedures



Training in all aspects of centrally cleared electricity markets, short term control area load forecasting, LMP theory/calculation, as well as training for retail sales personnel


Expert Review

Expert review of risk policies, procedures, and energy supply offers.


DR and Load Aggregation Strategy

DR and load aggregation strategy, participation in LMP formation, RTO market development strategy



Transmission arrangements and Transmission analytics.


Expert testimony

Expert testimony in regards to RTO markets, various aspects of wholesale energy markets. (Testifying before State Utility Commission proceedings as well as civil courts.)